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I think I just died a little inside…

I did not know this, but there is a growing party out there named The Constitution Party, and their platform is as follows: pro-life; against same-sex marriage; a desire to keep military interests out of foreign affairs; and to return America to its Biblical foundations…

"Biblical foundations?"  That’s a joke, right?  They don’t seriously believe that America has biblical foundations, do they?  Oh sweet Jesus, they really do think that.  Well, allow me to say, good Constitution Party, that you are false to believe such a thing.  The Framers of the Constitution were not Bible-loving Christians.  Deism seemed to be the belief held by most of them, a belief that God made the universe and then went on his marry way.  In fact, some of the Founding Fathers, such as Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin, attacked organized religion, believing them to be insane and for the wicked.

And the very name of the party is an insult to the document that founded our nation.  Have they read the Constitution? Have they read Article 6, that whole “no religious test” clause?  Have they took a gander at that first amendment?  You know, that whole not establishing a religion thing?

In short, America never was and, fucking hopefully, will never be a theocracy, nor a Christian nation for that matter.  When the day comes that our government passes laws that blatantly show favor to one religion or the other, I will leave America.  That would be the final straw.  

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